This is Jessica 'GJ' Granziera

She was born in Venice in 1988.
She's always shown a passion for interactive things of any kind so games, videogames and basically anything on a computer. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc are as interactive as it gets so how could she not be passionate about them.
While the passion for videogames goes a long way back (when she would beg her brother to let her play GTA on his PC) her passion for web design is more recent. Her friend Alex Demitri, introduced her to the coding world in 2015 and she was immediately captured by it.
Since then she has attended the Web Design class at the International School of Comics under the teachings of Creative Designer Simone Celi. As soon as she finished her studies she moved to London, where she currently resides, in hopes to make her dream of becoming a web designer come true.
People say that she likes to write about herself, but I like to think of her as the girl with multiple personalities, one of which is writing this bio.

My Process

Tons of Brain Activity

This is the part where I listen and listen and listen to the client's needs, expectations. Hopes and dreams. Likes and dislikes. Where my brain tries to sync with the client's.

A fair amount of Drawing

This is where the information that was previously stored is processed through sketches and doodles. The sketches get then refined into a finer work to show to the client.

A LOT of Typing

Finally, when the doodles become mockups, my favourite part begins: the coding. A drawing becomes an intricate mix of languages to give the client the website that fits his/her needs.

My Skills*

*That will one day pay the bills

Over Nine Thousand

Pretty Awesome

Not bad